Saturday, 5 July 2014


~on light that's never enough and attempts to reanimate the symmetry~

~life sustaining; the nature animated and animating~

The hand knocking and the lock not answering.

   Two is an experiment. It is my attempt to reach you so I can commune your essence...Two is no certainty but it is truly wortwhile, is two more of me or is it us? An encoding to be deciphered, this is a venerable language, the language of the birds that speak with a human voice, the nature animated. Common sense sees two as the beginning of polarities, dichotomy, strife, common sense doesn't have a place here. Our perception of two is completion, a company of the psyche meeting the body overcoming shadows and prejudices of centuries...Since are powers are uniting we're having the impression that the oneiric is teaming up with vigilance and the outcome leads to no disenchantment but to further mystery. Trivialities become magick, the images of today merge with the dust of the first creation, since I decided to find you and believe in you my existence is no longer just mine, I have obtained a second body for my infinite and precious soul cause our soul is one and the same. This is a hymn to awakening, the moment we have managed to speak the same tongue not because we conform to an external code but because we recognize that we were never actually apart and every separation and its traumatic threat has been nothing else but an illusion...two is also one.

~I kiss your feet and I'm no Maria Magdalena, two is noticing every single detail, being inside the experience~

~Oh Mother Demetra protect me from my love, protect me from my inconsiderate Will~

   Το δύο είναι ένα πείραμα. Είναι η απόπειρα μου να σε πλησιάσω ώστε να κοινωνήσω την ουσία σου...Το δύο δεν είναι καμιά βεβαιότητα αλλά σίγουρα αξίζει τον κόπο, είναι το δύο περισσότερο από μένα ή είναι εμείς; Ένας κώδικας που περιμένει την αποκρυπτογράφηση του, αυτή είναι μια σεπτή γλώσσα, είναι η γλώσσα των πουλιών που μιλάνε με ανθρώπινη λαλιά, η εμψυχωμένη φύση. Η κοινή λογική βλέπει το δύο σαν την αρχή κάθε δυαδικότητας, διχοτομίας, διαμάχης, η κοινή λογική δεν έχει καμία θέση εδώ. Η δική μας αντίληψη για το δύο είναι πληρότητα, μια συντροφιά της ψυχής που συναντάει το σώμα ξεπερνώντας σκιές και προκαταλήψεις αιώνων...Καθώς οι δυνάμεις μας ενώνονται έχουμε την εντύπωση ότι το ονειρικό συμμαχεί με την επαγρύπνηση και το αποτέλεσμα αυτής της ένωσης δεν οδηγεί σε ξεμάγεμα αλλά σε περισσότερο μυστήριο. Οι κοινοτοπίες γίνονται μαγικές, οι εικόνες του σήμερα συγχωνεύονται με την σκόνη της πρώτης δημιουργίας, από τότε που αποφάσισα να σε βρω και να πιστέψω σε σένα η ύπαρξη μου δεν είναι μόνο δική μου, έχω αποκτήσει ένα δεύτερο σώμα για την απεριόριστη και πολύτιμη ψυχή μου γιατί η ψυχή μας είναι ένα και το αυτό. Αυτός είναι ένας ύμνος στην αφύπνιση, η στιγμή που έχουμε καταφέρει να μιλάμε την ίδια γλώσσα όχι γιατί συμμορφωνόμαστε σε έναν εξωτερικό κώδικα αλλά γιατί αναγνωρίζουμε ότι ποτέ στα αλήθεια δεν ήμασταν χώρια και πως κάθε χωρισμός και η τραυματική απειλή του δεν είναι τίποτα άλλο παρά ψευδαίσθηση...το δύο είναι επίσης ένα.

~Cause the things valuable get imprinted into the soul and they remain present even when seemingly absent~

Two is for the ambiguous nature of Dionysus and his blessed dialectics

   All photos and words by Vera Bousiou.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Genius Loci.

Unexpected as it was there was a window on the wall; a sole window watching, who knows the things witnessed, who suspects the ones hiding behind it; the memories ephemeral and the memories solid;

~Though we can call it 'no-thing-ness', it is not nothingness~

I never really saw the point of having a signature, I mean as a young child I was very unwilling to categorize myself and although it is useful from time to time to take the responsibility for your task it is very much more preferable not to delimit yourself and others; leaving the space open for ideas and patterns, whispers and personal interactions, maintaining the element of surprise by not pushing too hard;

~on adding some abysmal quality to the ordinary by praising the metaphysics of the routinary, tracing the magic~

~A wall in demise all our systems~
Human thinking and conscience in danger; endangered; As one category always finds the culprit responsible for personal lacks and inconsistencies outside of the self, the other party and category also hypocritically declares that all, everything, everyone is the same...accusing others of intolerance when speaking the truth of differences, the ones enriching life and allowing useful confrontations of instinctual forces. Is it raw violence or violence in disguise?...The one declaring that everything is shadow the other that there's no shadow at all...Both disastrous, cause not all the Righteousness in the world and all the -isms can assure you that you're actually the person you declare to be by constantly labeling your persona,-as.
This place is nature, it is not an environment, it resists technicality, escapes any fabrication, this is the point zero...As I observe it I want to become one with it, my vision doesn't want to intrude, I mostly want to absorb, the romanticism of a vastness originating from a universe still unknown to me that its existence I can only suspect. I'm waiting there pulsating colors, my palette is the world of my past memories, an aesthetic attempt I'm no longer certain of how I obtained, but it is part of myself now. As identities are floating each moment and encounters become a great need so I keep on moving while not neglecting the significance of the mindful stillness...One must avoid inertia, strengthen passion and dedicate himself/herself to purity...Purity comes easily once you don't pay attention to your pose but you honor your purpose, the pose will follow, the diaphragm of the camera becomes my respiration, I'm a witness, I aim to remember this day...even when I'm gone I aim to remember, my recollection will leave an imprint...this place isn't chaotic although it seems so, this place strives for harmony, and although you may look at a picture you will hear a sound...and while you will smell the scent of the known and the dull the unknown will manifest thriving on your primordial whim to connect with something greater than yourself, and this new state of being will still be very much yourself and yet not at all...and then you will smile realizing that the place beyond is the place right now...
~It only happens that sometimes I find your 'interest' quite repressing, you appear to be using almost the proper words but your message fails to come through, I say why don't you let me be me and let yourself become possibilities as well? Let's invest on timeless communication outside of categories and fruitless exaggerations~

~Clarity needs all the words of the world, clarity needs no words at all...manifesting with any opportunity once insight is an option, since ageless clarity makes no discriminations once summoned, but beware you should drop your critique to see her emerge...~

~Sun's up, a mandala of knowledge folding and unfolding~

~ah the evening, this peak almost resembling a melancholy, retracing the peak of the senses, their sharpening, feeling the uneasy vulnerability and preparation, I'm mostly happy in this effort~
~There was always this question of time, its exact nature never fully digested...and if life itself felt like a reproduction of some play meant to begin some place else I insisted on having this feeling, that my prototype kept on reliving an expansion of possibilities that found their way back to me in my dreams, in this perspective I never sensed myself truly alone although inhabiting a babel tower of all kinds of misconceptions~

~Everything has been said, years combinations good and bad, sometimes both at the same time, and each word although intended was led not to mean a thing and left no vibrant echo to be heard again...all that remained was another self each day, the phenomenology of experience having to deal with its vast inexperience, a place that still awaits to be inhabited...~

There's this ephemeral sense immemorial that I've been here before and you were with me; I must be mistaken but it feels so real and yet so abstract, that's perhaps the substance of both residing a body and be an infinite soul;

~How should I name you in case you were a tree, a branch, leaf or fruit?~

~And as absence offered no promise I decided by looking beyond to take a dive within~
   Αυτό το μέρος είναι φύση, δεν είναι ένα περιβάλλον, αντιστέκεται στον τεχνικό ορισμό, δραπετεύει από κάθε σκευωρία, αυτό το μέρος είναι το σημείο μηδέν...Καθώς το παρατηρώ επιθυμώ να γίνω ένα μαζί του, το όραμα μου δεν θέλει να παρέμβει, κυρίως θέλω να απορροφήσω, ένας ρομαντισμός μιας απεραντοσύνης η οποία κατάγεται από ένα σύμπαν ακόμα άγνωστο σε μένα την ύπαρξη του οποίου μπορώ μόνο να υποπτευθώ. Περιμένω εκεί παλλομένη χρώματα, η παλέτα μου είναι ο κόσμος των παρελθοντικών μου αναμνήσεων, μια αισθητική απόπειρα που πλέον δεν είμαι σίγουρη για το πως την απέκτησα, αλλά είναι μέρος μου τώρα. Καθώς οι ταυτότητες αιωρούνται κάθε στιγμή και οι συναντήσεις γίνονται μεγάλη ανάγκη έτσι συνεχίζω να κινούμαι ενώ παράλληλα δεν αμελώ την σημασία της επιμελούς ακινησίας...Πρέπει κανείς να αποφεύγει την αδράνεια, να ενδυναμώνει το πάθος και να αφιερώνεται στην αγνότητα...Η αγνότητα προκύπτει εύκολα όταν δεν δίνεις και τόση σημασία στην πόζα σου αλλά τιμάς τον σκοπό σου, η πόζα θα ακολουθήσει, το διάφραγμα της κάμερας γίνεται η αναπνοή μου, είμαι μια μάρτυρας, σκοπεύω να θυμάμαι αυτή την μέρα...ακόμα και όταν δεν θα είμαι πια έδω η ανάμνηση μου θα αφήσει ένα ίχνος...αυτό το μέρος δεν είναι χαοτικό παρόλο που μοιάζει με τέτοιο, αυτό το μέρος πασχίζει για αρμονία, και παρόλο που μπορεί να κοιτάξεις μια εικόνα θα ακούσεις έναν ήχο...και καθώς θα οσφραίνεσαι την μυρωδιά του γνωστού και του μονότονου το άγνωστο θα εμφανιστεί θριαμβεύοντας πάνω στην αρχέγονη επιθυμια σου να συνδεθείς με κάτι ανώτερο από σένα, και αυτή η νέα κατάσταση της ύπαρξης σου θα είναι κατά πολύ ακόμα ο εαυτός σου και παράλληλα καθόλου...και τότε θα χαμογελάσεις συνειδητοποιώντας ότι ο τόπος πέρα είναι ο τόπος εδώ και τώρα...
Time and again

~The one believing he/she has solved the riddle early on, will find the self unaware of the true nature of the riddle, just like Oedipus did~

~There are some roads that you don't have to hurry your step but take things more slowly, each step as initiation and ritual of your own adventure towards self knowledge.~
//As the feeling kept on hanging between polarities it decided to transform into Love under Will//

~on how the bully chooses silences and whispers, on unworthy gestures and lies, on the drag show called undentified ignorance~

~A glimpse of her figure drew me closer to the window, petite and fragile as she seemed, I wondered how's the life behind the glass...She looked like dancing but was she actually having fun?~

All photos and words by Vera Bousiou.