Sunday, 31 May 2015

The Old and the New.

The door is open, a passing.

  ~Cause there's the old inside the new, and the new emerging out of the old, this is a continuous, constant conversation forming realities out of realities.~
If luck is by your side
And sometimes things are produced by purity of longing
Undefined as they are, underneath the moon and the sun, they contain the grace of opportunity
One's gaze says so much about the person

If we are willing to read the seal hiding inside things
Is there a final testimony and verdict?

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Tuned to Music no one can hear

Ideally, I would also be taking photos of other people, and not just photos of  landscapes, flowers, buildings and some self-portraits now and then. This ain't possible yet though. The energy of other people can be so overbearing, such a burden sometimes, I find myself almost drained, overwhelmed. It's not like I don't like people, I do, I'm a carrier of deep feelings, it is a living possibility. But I've noticed something, that most people, unconsciously that is, they just want to throw bits and pieces of themselves on others, if the other person happens to be more open, these "insults" accumulate, they do feel like lifting actual weight, the metaphor becomes physical pain sometimes.

   The photos of this post were taken during this Spring. My preparation for taking them is quite simple, I just happen to be in the mood, never intervene any more than that, the environments most likely want to tell a story as it is, that's inspirational enough, at least I perceive it this way. There's some kind of melody in this ascertainment, hidden frequencies reach our ears and they caress our skin, we are kissed all the time and we hardly notice it, enveloped in messages, echoes and sensations. The light breeze and the shadows provide me an affirmation of the knowledge I found in books, the experience becomes more full yet unable to reach an ending yet. When I close my eyes and focus, a reality beyond reality reveals itself.

   There's a Spark in the known and the expected waiting to become unlocked.+